T y l e r F l y n n D o r h o l t

from Let Me Leave it Here

to move & see from that which is temporary & private 

They say it’s going to get a little better / Spring is  time 
itself / the touch  and go only  turns  into  a  docking / I 
was  eager  for  the   nets  to   go  up  /  the  cut  directly 
between the eyes / bleeding onward. 

Some  creeks   lead  into  Indian  burial  grounds  / to 
highway rest areas / which lead to bees in soda cans / 
I am led to  where  pigeons  are sitting down / a sign of 
dogged  invectives paraphrased  by flight / total style of 
squaring you  into  visions  into how small the morning 
room is  /  how  cold  of  a  decision was  made when / a 
body did not speak did not /  like hers /  from  cottons 

We made  it  all   out  in  a field / I had a preference for 
cinematic  references  /  the  historic  occasion  of frogs 
dropping in magnolias / the late charges.

And  little  rows  glow  now /  it  gets  a  little  better in 
Spring /  no  wonder  as  to  how a lantern splashes the 
jacket mittens the pier  /  I was out last night and late / 
I mean it was raining and never warm. 

to move & see from that which is temporary & private 

They say it’s going to get a little worse /  the  curse is that 
nobody wants to say networking / but that is what this is 
/ the position a body  takes in knowing death was it / the 
nose-running  season  / neighbors  continuously  building 

Merlot in the  mouth /  I have to  stop using the things I 
know belly buttons are  a terrible disconnect  /  throwing 
up is general /  bubble baths drew great attention toward 
/  sticking  a  toe  in  the   Jacuzzi   holes  /  the   rush   of 
something keening. 

Ears  pierced  at  twelve  habit of / building ramps out of 
mud  /  stealing  lighters  and  blowing  them  up  /  in a 
bullhead’s belly the  rattle of  a  bike  over the bridge the 
portion of  loud-mouthing  / minimal  in  the  morning / 
laying  there  on  the  ice  crippling slits  of  wind-turned 

On  the  arm  laid  out  the   fish house  I.V.  /  minnows 
cryptic   but   resplendent  /   the multiple   uses   for 
something luminous / and it  gets a little worse  belts are 
lost / eyebrows slink below the eyes / and creep into the 
bones / cheeks and the bone position / the neck took in 
the face taking face taken.

to move & see from that which is temporary & private 

They say  it’s  going  to  get  a  little  worse  /  conditions 
darken  /  the  urban  body  is  compromised  /  death  is 
sureness / sea and forest the same. 

And  how  I  drastically  reimagine  /  my  youth  as  one 
complicated /  by  setting  / the  setting  of  snake skin / 
settling on the lake / the geography of overhearing. 

The dock that wants in on the cabin / the woman was in 
the  hold  a mountain /  the  man a  road /  arms  around 
backs  /   in   walking   make   wings  /  night   swimming 

Progressing  always  with  new cracks /  at the glance ice 
sheets kicked / off buildings / the sky is not scraped / it 
is conducted / she dismantled the frame. 

Legs are collected close / many spaces in between / how 
I spoke slowly through midnight / the failure to sleep / 
streetlight lowering / breaking the window of the hotel 
bending / unreach they say unreach.